Motivation Is Essential to a Happy Retirement

After forty years of working to earn a living, retirement seems to be a relief and many people approaching this time in their lives state that they will do precisely nothing. But these people who ensure that they are true to their word are the ones that are likely to suffer later in life. As time passes by, the less you do the less you want to do and it becomes more difficult to raise yourself from your armchair.

Not only will this mindset ensure that your retirement will be drastically cut short but quality of life will become non-existent. Regardless of how long you have been virtually housebound it takes a certain amount of positive thinking to get up and make improvements to your lifestyle. Motivation may be in short supply but that is the only thing that will make a difference.

Everything in society today is geared to encourage you to do much less and in doing so this is increasing the bank account profits of fast food outlets, supermarket delivery companies and the many online businesses from which anything can be purchased. As a result of this, a common response would be “why should I get out of my chair when I do not have to”? The answer to that is “for your own health and well-being”!

Assessing the benefits of regular movement and exercise can be the best form of motivation because when the aches and pains begin to take hold and they definitely will, remaining inactive will only make them worse. Just standing correctly over a period of time can reverse the damage that long periods of laziness can bring about.

One part of the body that suffers from inactivity is the back and back pain can become unbearable if not addressed in the proper manner. While remaining seated, posture becomes distorted and puts strain not only on the back but on a number of organs in the body and as a person puts on weight, organs become displaced and the heart has to work much harder to ensure its vital role continues.

Although all of the body’s organs are important the heart is by far the one that has to be cared for the most and many people overlook this. Some are given a warning in the form of a heart attack when their heart is put under too much strain: for some this is a warning but to others a fatality.

There is only one answer and that is to get moving – take a regular walk or take up a gentle type of exercise such as yoga but the onus here is to start to become more active. The result will be an improvement in overall fitness and a vast improvement in quality of life.

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